It’s not a marathon.

It’s a sprint.

The Power of Rapid Prototyping

We use the power of design thinking to take your ideas from a concept to a high-quality prototype, so that you can test and deploy your products faster.

Design sprints are great for both developing new ideas that is being brought to the market for the first time or to improve the design and experience of existing products.

The Advantages

Go from zero to prototype, in no time

The digital landscape is changing faster than ever. Today, it’s changing by the hour. You need a design partner that can help you stay ahead. At WJY Studios, we take your ideas from concepts to tangible prototypes in 2 weeks. Discover how you can win with prototyping.

Learn Early and Often

Discover product insights from your users sooner through testing.

Explore Bigger Ideas

Pursue blue sky ideas without the fear of high development costs and risk.

Faster Results

See your ideas come to life with interactive high-fidelty prototypes.

Iterate More Quickly

Our rapid design sprints accelerates your product design evolution.

Our Process


Vision and Alignment

The first two days of the sprint kicks off with team-based workshops, focused on defining the problem and opportunity, and moving onto co-creating solutions with brainstorming and team sketching.


Ideas Made Tangible

Our designers take the winning ideas from the ideation session and translate them into high-fidelity designs and ultimately interactive prototypes. Our team excels at building high-quality rapid prototypes.


Learning from Users

We put the prototype in front of real users to see what works and what doesn’t. We capture our findings in an executive report and share out the recordings from our testing sessions.


Product Refinment

After testing the prototype and debriefing, we can hand off the designs for delivery to you, or we can also run an additional iteration sprint to make improvements to the original design.

Design Showcase

We specialize in delivering high-fidelity designs in days, not months.

WJY Studios has the rare ability to understand business concepts and fuse this with the knowledge of customer needs to develop beautifully designed prototypes that feel like real products.

Kurt MerriweatherVP Strategy & Innovation, Walk West

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